Server E-Training

Server E-Training


Most club managers have learned the hard way that the current training programs are both ineffective and outdated. Assuming, that everyone has what is often referred to, as common sense is a misnomer. It usually is simply a matter of not everyone being exposed to the same customs, manners and behaviors. It’s just different. That is why Server E-Training thoroughly covers the basics and gets everyone on the same page quickly. Managers love our program, because it provides them 24/7 access to the servers progress.

  • Minimizes short-term turnover by taking the initial   frustration that comes from waiting tables. Servers take their first table with the confidence and knowledge necessary to succeed.
  • Improves team competence by helping new hires to be shift-ready with fewer mistakes
  • Increases sales with the consistency necessary to bring back more repeat customers
  • Maintains a reputation of excellence that can be jeopardized by improperly trained staff
  • Frees up management to focus on the finer details of running the restaurant